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What does "NataData" mean?

Literally: "NataData" is an artificial compound of "Nata" [Sanskrit] and "Data" [Latin] and might mean "the data of the dance(rs)" or "the dancing data" or even - if you like - "the data-dancer".
NataData furthermore is a (phonetic) reverence to the most significant illustration of the hindu god Shiva (Śiva) as NataRaja, the King of Dance(rs), which represents more than any other icon the extraordinarily rich and complex cultural heritage of India.

Symbolically: "NataData" is intended as a symbolic combination of the specific oriental and occidental approaches and skills in philosophy, science and economy, exemplified by the holistic integration of power, joy, liberation and innovation as represented by Nataraja on the one hand, and the typical western analytic and scientific virtues expressed by the concepts of empiricism and data on the other.

Looking for an iconographic counterpart in the Western hemisphere I came up with probably one of the ten most famous graphics in the world: Leonardo da Vinci's pen and ink sketchbook-drawing, the famous Vitruvian Man.

I wonder whether anyone has ever noticed and mentioned this obvious iconic parallels before.

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Vitruvian Man & Nataraja

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